Maintenance of the Advanced Safety Features in Your Audi

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Performance is important in an Audi vehicle—it’s one of the main reasons why consumers gravitate toward the brand in the first place. However, perhaps just as important—if not more—are the safety features in such vehicles. Audi cars have some of the best crash test ratings in the industry, but airbags aren’t the only advanced safety feature that Audis are equipped with.

Yes, performance is a critical part of why we maintain our Audis, but it’s not the only reason for ongoing vehicle care. The safety features in your Audi are one of the only things keeping you safe when involved in an accident or collision. Therefore, your routine maintenance procedures should also pay attention to how these safety features are working and gear maintenance toward continuing and optimizing their functions. If you’d like to know more about your Audi’s safety features and why they’re important, continue reading the article.

Safety features in most recent Audi models

While some of these safety features might seem like old news to you, they’re a constant part of automotive design and engineering. It helps to understand how these features and systems have evolved over time, and how maintenance performed on them now is significantly different than it was when these features were first developed and introduced into modern vehicles. With the ongoing advancements in technology, diagnosing, maintaining, and enhancing these systems is quite different than it has ever been in the past.

Anti-lock braking system, brake assist feature

Your ABS, or anti-lock braking system in your Audi is an important feature; however, it’s far from new. Over time, Audi manufacturers have perfected brake systems by introducing the brake assist feature, which is designed to detect distances between cars and optimize brake control. If the driver may be unable to stop quickly enough to prevent an accident, then the brake assist feature kicks in.

Electronic stability control

Similar to a traction control feature, this safety feature in Audi vehicles is responsible for maintaining a car’s stability or traction. It does this through a complex technologically-based function run by a computer system that senses how much control the driver has over the vehicle by detecting the traction of the wheels with the ground. If the car senses that the wheels are not gaining traction, keeping the car stable, then the computer takes over and auto corrects for the driver to maintain traction.

Various airbags

Of course, Audi vehicles are well-equipped with airbags all over the interior of the vehicle to protect the driver, as well as the passengers in the front and back seats. Front airbags, side airbags, overhead airbags, and knee airbags cover all the bases in the car, essentially turning it into a protective cocoon in the event of a collision.

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Security systems

Defined as more of a passively protective feature, the security system that comes stock in your Audi is well-designed to keep predators from intruding upon or stealing your vehicle. These systems can certainly fail due to a number of issues, including faulty wiring and faulty sensors. However, the success rate of such systems is a testament to the important function they serve.

The importance of following through with ongoing maintenance

Drivers bring their cars into a trusted automotive shop because they have a felt sense that the shop will take good care of them and their car. It’s important to build a relationship with an Audi specialist you trust so that you’re more inclined to follow through with ongoing maintenance. If you notice any issues with the aforementioned advanced safety features in your Audi, it’s critical that you bring it in for an inspection right away. Certain performance issues can be put off for short periods of time; however, when it comes to your safety, there’s no time to wait.

How we can help

The Audi technicians here at Ronin Autowerks serve clients all over the areas of Fullerton, Anaheim, and Yorba Linda, CA with exceptional automotive skill and Audi-specific knowledge. With over 2 decades of experience working with Audi cars, we’ve handled many issues with various safety features, including implementing quick and accurate diagnoses and following through with affordable, timely treatment methods. We believe that the safety features in your Audi are what save lives, and it’s important that they’re working properly at all times. Please contact us to schedule an inspection as soon as possible if you notice any slight or more serious malfunctions in these systems.

Audi RSs image credit goes to: supergenijalac.