Save over dealer pricing!

Whether its Factory scheduled maintenance, oil service, brakes, or diagnoses of you BMW, Mini, Audi or Volkswagen we can perform any service needed, making Ronin a true dealer alternative.

  • Factory OEM parts
  • Factory based software for diagnosis and programing
  • Highly skilled, Dealer trained ASE certified technicians with a true passion for cars….and customers.

Additional services include:

  •  Wheel Repair
  • Welding and Custom Fabrication                                                                
  • Powder Coating –Polishing and Anodizing


We offer complete Engine re-building services. With literally 35 years of building motors personally (yes I am old and yes I started young). From a 1000 hp twin turbo big block to a Honda CR125R shifter kart motor There are few things I have not seen, tried or experimented with over the years. No one knows everything, but at this point I may be getting close. Whether it’s a blown head gasket, bone stock rebuilds, or something more performance oriented. I have the experience, resources, and relationships needed to take your project on from start to finish.

2002 M10 MOTORS

We Have been building and racing the legendary BMW M10 motor for over a decade and have applied my years of experience building on my existing relationships within the industry to deliver a product few can match. Every motor is hand assembled, blue-printed with full documentation.  Pre-run on an engine test stand where all adjustments are made and a brake in procedure is run. This is to ensure there are zero issues before we deliver or install your new motor.


We have a 500 hp STUSKA Engine Dyno custom built specifically for BMW Motors. This allows us to test and tune, change and improve your motors performance to optimize both power and efficiency depending on your goals. By performing this brake-in and tuning process we can consistently deliver a proven product with a dyno sheet showing not only horsepower and torque but fuel consumption rate oil and water pressures and temps as well as air/fuel ratios.

All street motors come with a *two year 24,000-mile warranty on parts and labor.

*No warranty on performance parts, customer supplied parts, and race motors.

Please Read :
I don’t use leader prices on my web site, or in my shop. The price here is the full price for the work described. I see a lot of ads for brake jobs, tune ups and so on at unbelievably low prices. That’s because they are NOT advertising the actual price you are going to pay. They may not be using BMW parts or only showing the price for part of the job. When I show a price or run a special that’s the price you are going to pay period.

Call 714 526-8100 to inquire – Thank you!

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